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ScoobyCampers.com Limited offer this website on the following terms and conditions.  Please read the terms and conditions carefully.  By using this website you accept the terms and conditions in full.  We may, at our sole discretion, revise the terms and conditions and you will be able to see if they have been changed by looking at the "last updated"information appearing at the top of the Agreement. 




Any personal data which we collect from you will be subject to our Privacy Policy.  Our policy is to protect personal data about you through technology designed to safeguard the data during its transmission with the view to striking a reasonable balance between the security of the data and the convenience of our customers. 


Age Restrictions


All drivers must be aged between 25 and 69 years and must have held a valid driving licence for more than 12 months and must not be disqualified from driving.  As at the date of delivery, you will require to produce a valid drivers licence.  Failure to produce such a licence will result in cancellation of the rental without payment of a refund.


Vehicle Standards


We make every effort to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness before any vehicle is delivered and every vehicle will be washed and vacuumed before delivery.


Rental Agreement


We agree to let and you agree to take on rental of vehicle from the agreed hire point.  We warrant that the vehicle is roadworthy and we provide full AA Breakdown Cover within the cost of the rental.  The rental, of course, includes the use of the vehicle and insurance cover, but does not cover petrol.


The customer is allowed unlimited mileage.


The vehicles are to be used only in the United Kingdom and are not rented for Continental use.  No pets are allowed in the vehicles.


Contact Number


At the commencement of the rental period you will be given a number to allow you to contact ScoobyCampers.com Limited should the vehicle break down.  In the event of breakdown, if the vehicle is not repairable by AA, we will offer an appropriate refund.


Early Returns


No refund will be paid by us to customers wishing to return vehicles early.




We will not be held responsible for any individual under the influence of alcohol or drugs resulting in damage to third parties or to the vehicle, or any individual driving off road.  The customer will fully indemnify Scooby Campers Limited against this in respect of all claims. 


Fines or Penalties


The customer will be liable for all fines, parking tickets and penalties imposed in respect of traffic violations or other violations of the law in respect of the hired vehicle during the rental period.


Theft of Vehicle


In the event of the vehicle or any of its fittings or equipment being stolen, the customer will report the theft as soon as possible and certainly within 24 hours to us and will also report the theft to the Police.  The customer will in addition co-operate in completion of all paperwork required in connection with any insurance claim to follow thereon and will co-operate fully with any Police enquiries into the said theft. 


Lost Keys 

If the customer loses a key during the rental period a replacement key will be provided by us, but the cost of replacing said key will be met by the customer. 



A full refund, minus an administration fee of £25, will be given to any cancellation as long as it is not within 30 days of the booking. No refund will be given to cancellations within 30 days of the booking. Cancellation made within 7 days of the booking will not incur an administrative fee.


Accepted Debit/Credit Cards

We accept payment in sterling, via our secure Worldpay interface.


Company Details

Scooby Campers
Lothianbridge Dalkeith
EH22 4TR
United Kingdom
0131 663 2456

Last Updated 7 April 2006 


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